Life is better with great art and design. The workplace should be no exception which is why we enjoyed creating this colorful poster for Silicon Valley Bank.

This “Food for Thought” artwork was created several years ago for Silicon Valley Bank and is still on display in the bank’s cafeteria today. Silicon Valley Bank has eight guiding principles for their employees and each principle was made into an individual poster. Each poster was digitally printed on painters canvas in order to emulate a fine art piece. The mission statement was also integrated into the project, with each letter of the mission statement forged in metal and placed on the wall under the eight guiding principles.

The bright colors and ode to Andy Warhol made for a wonderful art project and earned us a Gold Addy Award.

Services Provided for
Silicon Valley Bank

  • Corporate Artwork
  • Misc. Collateral featuring
    “Food for Thought” Artwork


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