What does your business need?


  • What is your next brilliant product?
  • Where is your next big success?
  • Which competitive advantage can you sustain?
  • What new markets will you conquer?
  • How much profit can you predict?

  • Growth, we all have learned, is no longer automatic. The past has less to teach us than we need to know. Consumers are jaded, markets fragmented and disposable dollars scarce. Risk is everywhere, and pressure produces rigidity, making it difficult to try new things. More than ever, time is our enemy.

    This, as every visionary knows, is a rare moment of opportunity: one that rewards creativity and compensates companies that have learned to cultivate the brilliance of individuals and instill an effective process for innovation in their corporate cultures.

    Despite commonly held beliefs, real invention is rarely the terminus of a carefully developed brief. It begins before the assignment is written, and is inevitably the difference between efforts that lead to meaningful new ideas and those that produce derivative results. It is an ability to identify inchoate opportunities and see openings where others can’t. Invention never should be saved for problem solving. It should be engaged first to recognize the most rewarding problems to solve. It is not for the faint of heart or narrow-minded.

    Happily, we have a plan.
    It’s called design.

    Design is a profession based on conception: on helping to define an opportunity, then develop a solution that will fulfill it. Subsequently, design includes the identification and management of the team that will bring it to life, whether it is a product, communication, event or place.

    This information has been reprinted with permission from AIGA. AIGA encourages anyone interested to download the booklet “What Every Business Needs” and use it to increase the level of respect and understanding for design.

    The booklet includes a 12 step process by which businesses can create value and market demand through innovation. It is done in partnership with designers.

    If you would like to discus how e design can help your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info[at]erinedesign(.)com  (info[at]erindesign(.)com)  .


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