WordArt Wars – April 13

Last week I tweeted about how I’m often asked to “design” in Microsoft Word. I put design in quotes because as you probably know, Word doesn’t have the greatest reputation for being a strong design program. My good friend Victoria (@veemoe) saw my tweet and created this quick piece of “art” (again, “art” in quotes).

With that, #WordArtWars was born on twitter.

I realize there are many people that are forced to use Word daily in their businesses and I feel your pain. I also realize that Word is an essential tool and mostly universal so it’s often the go-to program when creating business documents.

Hopefully, after seeing the ridiculous things that you can create with this program, it will lessen the pain and give you a few laughs.

Below are submissions I’ve been sent by twitter friends–or created myself–over the past few weeks. Feel free to submit your own “art” (be sure to “at” me @erinedesign) and enjoy!


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