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IDENTITY – Suffering from an identity crisis? We’re here to help. e design works to understand you and your customers, then creates a brand that perfectly resonates with all your key players. Whether you’re a new entity in need of a complete branding strategy or an existing company wanting an update, look no further than e design. Crisis averted.

ADVERTISING – The goal of advertising is to make a big impression. e design’s goal is to make sure it’s a good impression. Whether your campaign is traditional print or on the web, we turn headlines, taglines, verbiage and visuals into advertising alchemy; carefully crafted designs that capture attention, draw readers in and compel them to take action.

COLLATERAL – Postcards, sales kits, brochures, annual reports. Collateral can take many forms but they all need to share one thing; a common voice. Our goal is to create dynamic pieces that convey your message in a way that is captivating and harmonious. The end result is beautifully designed collateral that’s designed to work beautifully together.

WEB/IPHONE – Web sites and mobile device apps need to reflect your company’s individual style. They also need to function flawlessly and provide your customers with an optimal experience. When you work with e design you won’t get just a web site or an app; you’ll get a dynamic, interactive extension of your brand designed to work for you.

PACKAGING – They say clothes can make a person and the same is true for a product’s packaging. It needs to be innovative, it needs to represent your brand and it needs to get attention. At e design, we create packaging that gets noticed and gets customers to buy. Because in our minds, the true measure of packaging success is an empty shelf.